Otazu Winery

Located in a dream landscape and with a French “château” architectural style, Otazu is the most northerly winery with Pago PDO vineyards in Spain. It is located eight kilometres from Pamplona, just 60 kilometres from the Cantabrian Sea and 35 kilometres from the Pyrenees, in a small valley crossed by the River Arga and surrounded by the Perdón and Sarbil mountain ranges.

Architecturally, its spectacular barrel room stands out, made up of 9 concrete vaults. Its old building has now been converted into the Wine Museum and contemporary art spaces of the Otazu Foundation. It also has a manor dating back to the Middle Ages: Señorío de Otazu and the Romanesque church of San Esteban, from the 12th century, located in the heart of the Señorío de Otazu and testimony to the pilgrims on the Pilgrims’ Route to Santiago de Compostela.