NFC exhibition

Baluarte hosts the exhibition ‘Navarra Film Commission – 10 years’ until September 17

The itinerant sample installed in the main lobby serves as a promotion for the different locations of the Navarrese territory

The main lobby of Baluarte hosts, until next September 17, the traveling exhibition Navarra Film Commission – 10 years on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the film office, created by the Government of Navarra in 2009 with the aim of facilitating the work to the companies and professionals of the audiovisual sector who wish to shoot in our community. Specifically, the exhibition pays tribute to the diversity of locations that exist in Navarra and to some of the many productions that have been shot in the Foral Community throughout history. Through information panels, 18 locations are shown in which films or series have been filmed, with location information, a map with their location, production information shot there, images of the film / series and footage of the shooting. Specifically, the sample shows:  Aldatz – Cuando Dejes de Quererme; Artajona – Robin y Marian; Bardenas – Juego de Tronos; Camino de Santiago – The Way; Elizondo – El Guardián Invisible; Estella – Bajo las Estrellas; Gallipienzo – El Hombre que Mató a Don Quijote; Iranzu – Conquistadores Adventvm; Leitza – Ocho Apellidos Vascos; Marcilla – Remember Me; Ochagavía – Secretos del Corazón; Pamplona – Los Japón; Pitillas – Legend Nº17; San Fermín – ¡Fiesta!; Tafalla – Line Walker II; Urbasa – The Sisters Brothers; Ustarroz – Lo Nunca Visto; y Zugarramurdi – Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi.

The itinerant exhibition of the Navarra Film Commission was inaugurated on June 22 at the Museum of the Witches in Zugarramurdi, where he stayed for a month; subsequently he traveled to the Tourist Office of Roncal; and after the stay in Baluarte, the exhibition will travel to Donostia, to the Keler Space, on September 21 and 22.