Line Walker is filmed

Tafalla and Pamplona will be the two locations to be visited by the crew of the film Line Walker 2. The Prelude, which is part of the saga that began with Line Walker (Hong Kong, 2016) and which is the film adaptation of a television series that premiered in 2014.

The crew of this film was already shooting some sequences in July in Pamplona during the Sanfermines and now returns to complete the filming. Specifically, the film will be shot between March 3 and 8 in Tafalla and between March 17 and 19 in Pamplona. As this newspaper has learned, the production company Babieka Line Walker, which carries out the service of the production in Spain, is looking for personnel to carry out different tasks related to this project. Specifically, they are looking for professional profiles such as cleaning staff, security, traffic control, to inform neighbors about the shooting, to help in the catering, and people “willing to work in different tasks that may be needed in the preparation and shooting of the film”, as well as construction workers. And they clarify that they are not looking for extras.