About Navarra Film Commission

Navarra Film Commission is a film office created by the Government of Navarra in 2009 with the aim of facilitating the work of audiovisual companies and professionals planning to shoot films in our region.

It offers – free of charge – information, consultancy and administrative procedure services to producers, agencies or companies to facilitate their decision-making process about shooting, recording or photography, and helps interested companies to optimise their human, material and economic resources.

Navarra Film Commission supplies information and acts as a broker for agreements and actions aimed at consolidating and facilitating shooting in the region, acting as a link between the Government of Navarra, other public administrations and private individuals, and also the audiovisual sector.

Dozens of films have been shot in Navarra, some of them well-known: Patton (F.J. Schaffner, 1970); Furtivos (José Luis Borau, 1976); Robin and Marian (Richard Lester, 1977); Vacas (Julio Medem, 1992); Airbag (Juanma Bajo Ulloa, 1996); Bajo las estrellas (Félix Viscarret, 2005), Montxo Armendáriz’s films Tasio (1984), Secretos del corazón (1997), Obaba (2005) and No tengas miedo (2010); Biutiful (A. González Iñárritu, 2009); The way (Emilio Estévez, 2009); The Counselor (Ridley Scott, 2012); Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Emilio Martínez-Lázaro, 2013); La Conspiración (Pedro Olea, 2011); Game of Thrones (David Benioff y D.B. Weiss, 2015); The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (Terry Gilliam, 2017), or Line Walker (Wai-Keung Lau, 2018).


Navarra Film Commission offers the following service to film producers:

Search for locations

Navarra Film Commission will give you advice on filming or photography areas that are closest to what you need.

We will also put you in touch with companies and professionals specialised in location shooting.

Navarra will surprise you through the variety of its natural landscapes. Without having to travel long distances you will find mountains, green hilly meadows, open spaces and even deserts. Take a trip through our photo gallery.

Help in production logistics

Consult Navarra Film Industry, where you will find all the services you need to start shooting in Navarra.

Coordination with other organizations and institutions of interest

Navarra Film Commission is in regular contact with local councils and a number of departments of the Government of Navarra. If you need to deal with an issue of safety, environment, health, public works, sport, etc. we can put you in touch with the right people and institutions.

Filming permits

The Navarra Film Commission will process your request to film in public spaces in Navarre. If the filming is set to take place in a public property managed by the Government of Navarre or if it is municipal property, the Navarra Film Commission will help manage the permits needed. If it is private property, we will offer guidance on how to contact the owners or individuals responsible.

Fill out your filming permit request and send it to us:

    Call for grants

    Government of Navarre grants
    The Culture and Tourism Department convenes the following audiovisual production grants each year:

    Ministry of Culture grants

    European grants

    Ibero-American grants